The amount of hours I have spent working on music that will never be heard is a little frightening to think about. In my work for passion projects, friends, ad-agencies and music supervisors over the years, there have been countless (literally too many too count) songs that are lying dormant. 

Here's the process : 

  • Spend a bunch of time on song.
  • Song gets rejected.
  • Song sits on my hard drive in eternal darkness collecting digital dust.

All that work for nothing. 

 My perspective changed when I began using Unsplash multiple times per week to gather photos for different projects. I was getting immense value from a website over and over again, and they were getting absolutely nothing in return. 

 I had never given the true value of the site much thought until I stumbled upon a blog by the creator of Unsplash on how the success of this little side-project actually saved his company from shutting down with nothing more than a set of photos, a tumblr page, and a viral blog post.

 Generosity saved their company.

 When I read their story, I couldn't help but reflect on all the music that was just sitting in my office, quietly collecting dust - and the idea hit me.

I need to give these songs away.

So I made Songs For Story. A free resource for Filmmakers, Podcasters and Audio Media where anyone can come and download a bunch of music for free. I worked hard to make the website easy to use and navigate. And if you sign up for the newsletter, you'll always get new tracks when I upload them ( I am always writing new music).

Check out the site and share with any filmmakers, podcasters, or other creatives who might need a free resource for music.