Hello Gimlet! 




My name is Alex, and I really appreciate you visiting my portfolio and considering me for the new Audio Engineer position with Gimlet. I am incredibly excited by the opportunity, and hope that we will make a great fit! Below are a few examples of my work, along with a little info about who I am.

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Hello Gimlet

Role : Composer, Editor, Remote Interview Capture

I have created a teaser introducing myself and to express my excitement in joining the Gimlet team. (Made in 2017 for Gimlet Creative


Levi The Poet


Role : Musical Composer

I write all the music for my friend Levi's poetry. 

Our most recent album just hit over 2.5 Million streams on Spotify.

Here is the first track from the album!

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Creative Pep Talk Podcast

Role : Editor / Mixing / Mastering

I edit the Creative Pep Talk Podcast every week for my friend Andy J Miller

I began working with Andy on episode 136. Here is a recent episode of the show! 


Open Air Podcast

Role : Host, Editor, Musical Composer, Mixing, Mastering

I have hosted a show about creativity for the past year - here is a recent trailer for a new season.




SOme of the brands I've had the pleasure of working with to make their content sound really, really good. 

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I also built a free resource for filmmakers, podcasters and creatives. Songs For Story provides free, high quality songs to help tell your stories. The site gets hundreds of weekly users and downloads worldwide.

Check it out here! 



Outside of work...


Outside of work...

I am married to my best friend, Jayne. We just moved to Brooklyn, NY. I love fitness, The Lakers, books and am always pursuing growth in my mental, spiritual and physical life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my work. Working with a team like Gimlet is a dream, and I would be honored to have the opportunity. 

Let's set up an interview to see if we are a good fit!


P : 505 417 0998