Alex Sugg
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My Work


I oversee and manage all podcasts and audio products for Yahoo Finance. My day to day duties include producing, editing and hosting the full suite of podcasts and smart-home audio products.

I also oversee growth strategy, marketing initiatives, and asset creation for audio at Yahoo Finance.

Verizon Media / Sr. Podcast Producer

Songs For Story / A simple way to find the perfect song.

Licensing music for videos or podcasts can be expensive. Like, really expensive. So I decided to create a different option to serve creators who don’t want to spend a fortune, or simply don’t have the budget.

That is why I created this platform. Everyone deserves good music for their project without breaking the bank.

Role : Founder, Product Manager & Composer

Podcademy / A step by step masterclass to help you edit, market and grow your podcast.

What makes a podcast that people actually want to listen to? I’ve learned the hard way what works, so you don’t have to.

If you don’t have a clear roadmap and plan for your podcast, there is a very high chance you will burn out before you even get started.

That is why I built Podcademy. A step by step masterclass to help you edit, market and grow your podcast.

Role : Founder & Product Manager

Ghosthost / Your podcast, made simple.

Speaking of Podcasts… It can be extremely time consuming to edit and mix a show. Then you’re supposed to promote it too! Who has time or energy for all of that?

I wanted to make podcasting fun again. Countless people have something valuable to say - but never make a podcast because of all the dirty work that comes with it.

So I created Ghosthost. Just record your voice, and we do the rest. Edit, mix, upload, video versions, transcriptions and everything else so you can focus on what matters.

Role : Founder & Product Manager


My work has been heard and used by millions of people around the world, and it wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful collaborations I’ve been able to participate in. Here are some of the brands I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Facebook / Mercedes-Benz / Beats By Dre / New Balance / Bench Accounting / JetBlue / Universal Music / Airbnb / 23andMe / TED / Yamaha / Barbour / Bottega Venetta / Skillshare / Cancer Research UK / Canon / Listerine / Texas A&M / Atomic / Complex Magazine / Levi The Poet / Creative Pep Talk / Gadget Flow / Blirt Australia / Philips / Savage Brands / Away / Artsy / You?


Certified Product Manager - Fall 2018 - Product School NYC