Hi, I'm Alex.

I make a podcast & write emails to help you on your creative journey.

Make Something Cool | Podcast

Make Something Cool is a podcast where I interview elite creators about their pathway to success. In each episode, you’ll hear the tactics, tips, and resources they used to get there.

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Every day, I study an idea from the worlds best creators. I package up what I learn and send it for free to help creators take action on their work every single day.

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About Me

When I was 18, I started touring across the country in a rickety old Volkswagon. All I had was a guitar, some T-shirts to sell, and just enough gas money to make it from city to city.

Through those early years of pursuing life as a full-time musician, I was fortunate enough to fall into some opportunities writing scores for some commercial and film projects. Eventually, my work was used by brands like Beats by Dre, Facebook, Mercedes-Benz, Airbnb, and many others. This experience exposed me to the art of effective storytelling through audio.

I started getting inquiries asking if I produced podcasts. A lot of inquiries.

Since I had loved podcasts for years, I said yes to every request until it turned into my second business. A podcast shop where I edited, produced, and distributed podcasts for brands and hosts across the world.

My work during this season was the catalyst of my recruitment at Verizon Media to help oversee their new Podcast and Audio Product division.

After building the network up to millions of annual listeners over a few years, I decided to leave it all to pursue my real passion: helping creators thrive. This is why I started my podcast, Make Something Cool.

My hope with this podcast is to discover the knowledge of experts, and share it with others who want to create an exceptional creative career for themselves.

I believe everyone has something to give the world, and even more than that, something to give to themselves. My goal is to nudge you toward those brave first steps to make something cool with your life.

Past Clients

Facebook • Founders Fund • Mercedes-Benz • Beats By Dre • New Balance • Bench Accounting • JetBlue • Universal Music • Airbnb • 23andMe • TED • Yamaha • Barbour • Bottega Venetta • Skillshare • Cancer Research UK • Canon • Listerine • Texas A&M • Atomic • Complex Magazine • Levi The Poet • Creative Pep Talk • Gadget Flow • Blirt Australia • Philips • Savage Brands • Away • Artsy •

Outside of Work

When I'm not working, you can usually find me walking around the East Village with my Wife and Simba.

When I am not doing that I love to read, lift weights, and watch the Lakers dominate.

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