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Angela Duckworth on Effort

What I learned from Angela Duckworth on Effort

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Idea πŸ’‘

β€œThe focus on talent distracts us from something that is at least as important, and that is effort. As much as talent counts, effort counts twice.” ― Angela Duckworth

Reflection πŸ€”

Talent is 95% asset, and 5% liability.

So, how could your natural talents be a liability? By fooling you into believing you don't need to give the proper amount of effort.

I've known many people who were skilled but never went anywhere with their gifts. It wasn't because of lack of talent, but a lack of effort. Don't make the same mistake.

Action βœ…

Where has your effort fallen short because you believe your talent will cover it?

Change that today.

About the creator πŸ‘€

Angela Duckworth is an American academic, psychologist, and popular science author. She is the Rosa Lee and Egbert Chang Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studies grit and self-control. She is also the Founder and CEO of Character Lab, a not-for-profit whose mission is to advance the science and practice of character development.

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