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Anne Lamott on Starting

What I learned from Anne Lamott about Starting
Anne Lamott on Starting

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Idea 💡

“Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.”Anne Lamott

Reflection 🤔

Creative work is like doing a puzzle.

You start by grabbing the box and shaking all the pieces out. It’s a mess. It’s daunting. It takes time… And it’s the only way to put together a puzzle.

A lot of people avoid the mess of the creative process for the same reasons. It’s a mess, daunting, and takes a long time.

You have to start somewhere. Piece by piece.

Action ✅

What is the project you’ve been avoiding? Empty the damn box and get started.

About the creator 👤


Anne Lamott is an American novelist and non-fiction writer. Her nonfiction works are largely autobiographical. Lamott's writings, marked by their self-deprecating humor and openness, cover such subjects as alcoholism, single-motherhood, depression, and Christianity.


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