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Baldwin, Hero’s Journey, Music for Psychedelic Therapy, and 7 Ways to Maximize Misery (Find Something Cool)

Baldwin, Hero’s Journey, Music for Psychedelic Therapy, and 7 Ways to Maximize Misery (Find Something Cool)
Baldwin, Hero’s Journey, Music for Psychedelic Therapy, and 7 Ways to Maximize Misery (Find Something Cool)

At a glance:

  • ☁️ Thinking: Baldwin on Desire
  • 📕 Reading: The Hero’s Journey
  • 🎧 Listening: Music for Psychedelic Therapy by Jon Hopkins
  • 📹 Watching: 7 Ways to Maximize Misery
  • ⚡️ Bonus: Stafford’s No-Look Pass

Hi makers,

This week was pretty uneventful in a nice way. I focused on work, fitness, cuddling the dog, and spending time with Jayne.

All-in-all, a solid week.

I also interviewed acclaimed filmmaker Ryan Booth. To date, this is the most popular episode of the podcast and clearly resonated with listeners. We discussed judging past work, side-projects, trusting yourself, patience & curiosity, and good storytelling. Give it a listen here.

Here are some cool things I found this week:

☁️ Thinking: Baldwin on Desire

“Be careful what you set your heart upon - for it will surely be yours." - James Baldwin

Have you ever interrogated your desires and asked why you want what you want?

Success has always been my driving force. From childhood I knew that I had to become successful if it was the last thing I did. And for most of my life, I never asked the all-important question: why?

I found that success felt like the remedy for missing love in my life. The message was clear from my earliest memories as a kid:

When I was successful, I was loved. When I failed, I was ignored.

This process of discovery (thanks enneagram) forced me to redefine what success looks like. I have to remind myself to come back to security instead of insecurity in my hopes and dreams.

This quote by Baldwin strikes me as another way of saying “be careful what you wish for.”

So, what do you wish for and is it truly worth striving for?

📕 Reading: The Hero’s Journey of The Matrix & Star Wars

The Hero’s Journey is one of the most famous storytelling frameworks of all time. It was coined by Joseph Campbell, and is a pattern you can find in many of the most famous narratives in history.

This thread is a fun side-by-side walkthrough of how The Hero’s Journey is represented in Star Wars and The Matrix movies.

If you’re into storytelling, take two minutes to read through it.

🎵 Listening: Music for Psychedelic Therapy by Jon Hopkins

Music for Psychedelic Therapy is what I would want to hear if I ever did psychedelics. I don’t and probably never will. But if I did, I’d put this record on loop.

It’s perfect to play in the mornings while I get the day started. It’s really simple: Beautiful soundscapes with a peaceful nature.

A stand-out track is ‘Sit Around The Fire’ which features Ram Dass walking you through a moment of “quieting your mind, and opening your heart.” Listen here

📹 Watching: 7 Ways to Maximize Misery

I first saw this video a few years ago, and it’s even more relevant today.

As someone who has struggled with depression in my life, this is an incredible reminder of how to stay miserable. The exact opposite of what I really want.

Here are the 7 Ways to Maximize Misery, but I highly recommend watching the fully video above for context:

  1. Stay still
  2. Screw with your sleep
  3. Maximize your screen time
  4. Use your screen to stoke your negative emotions
  5. Set VAPID goals
  6. Pursue happiness directly
  7. Follow your instincts

⚡️ Bonus: Stafford’s no-look pass

I grew up playing football and love the sport. So this moment of Matthew Stafford throwing a no-look pass through multiple defenders to win the super bowl is just... a thing of beauty.

That is all I have! Have a great weekend, and find some time to make something cool.