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Challenge Your Assumptions

Let's talk about aliens.

When you think of an alien, do you think of flying saucers? Of a giant head and pitch-black eyes standing on two legs? Does it have remarkable technology? Is it threatening?

The truth is no one has ever seen an alien. (At least, no one can prove they have) But isn't it interesting the assumptions that we make about what aliens would be like if they showed up on earth?

An alien could look and act more like a cute puppy. But that is not what our assumptions tell us.

To bring this home a bit, we all have 'aliens' in our lives. Areas that we assume are figured out, but truthfully, haven't tested it to know for sure.

Here are some examples:

  • Relationships. You assume someone thinks or believes something, but haven't personally had a conversation with them about it to know for sure.
  • Projects. You believe that no one will want what you produce but haven't asked your friends for honest feedback on it.
  • Food. You grew up hating onions but haven't eaten them for years, so you have no idea that your palette has changed from childhood.
  • Confidence. You assume you can't do something but haven't tried yet.

What are some assumptions you have that need to be challenged today? How can you step outside of yourself to look at these issues more objectively?