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Compete With Yourself

Have you ever looked at what someone else is doing and thought "I could do that too... In fact, I could do it better."?

This is natural. Humans have been bred since the dawn of time to compete for resources. Nowadays, we compete less for wild animals, and more for people's money, time and attention.

The problem with this idea is that if you're too focused on what others are doing, you will begin to lose focus on where you want to go.

If you're driving down the highway, you can peek at the cars around you to see what they're doing. But are you going to stare at the vehicle to your right or left for more than a second?

No. You will crash if you aren't focused on your lane.

So instead of trying to compete with others, a better tactic is to compete with yourself. Can you do better today than yesterday? Can you be more focused or achieve more than you did last week?

Where can you redirect your competitive nature this week toward yourself instead of your peers?