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Dr. Jaiya John on Self Love

What I learned from Jay John about Self Love
Dr. Jaiya John on Self Love

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Idea šŸ’”

"Self Love is an immune system. It kills the virus of self harm." ā€” Jaiya John

Reflection šŸ¤”

Are you hard on yourself? Me too.

The voice in my head feels more like a drill sergeant than a friend. It often sounds like taking action to fix the things I hate about myself.

I'll go to the gym because I hate my body, read books because I am not smart enough, or work myself to death because I don't feel worthy without it.

It's a painful cycle. The only tool sharp enough to cut through the cage of hate, is love.

Action āœ…

Shifting your perspective of self care from hate to love is transformational. Here's the question I ask myself when I'm feeling down:

What is the most loving action you can take for yourself right now? Take it.

Deeper Dive šŸŒŠ

My wife recently read me this portion from Jaiyaā€™s book Daughter Drink This Water and I thought I would share it here:

ā€œYou ask, How do I begin to truly Love myself? Gently - With every thought, gently touch your feelings. Act, remember and imagine tenderly. Clear your spirit of what is not Love. Be your own sanctuary.

Your heart, like desert earth, can grow hard and cracked without inner Love. Be a monsoon and shower yourself soft. If you water your softness, gardens will grow. If you water your tender places, you will bloom...

... You cannot Love yourself too much, only falsely. When true, your Love bath need not end. Self Love is a continuous inner ovation, not a periodic smattering of applause. Not a part-time work, but a full-time calling. A rapturous gratitude, dissolving the self into Loveā€™s infinite ocean. A lifelong garden work. A passion project.ā€

About the creator šŸ‘¤


Dr. Jaiya John is an internationally recognized author and poet. He is the author of numerous books, including Fragrance After Rain, Daughter Drink This Water, and, Freedom: Medicine Words for your Brave Revolution. Jaiya writes, narrates, and produces the podcast, I Will Read for You: The Voice and Writings of Jaiya John, and is the founder of Freedom Project, a global initiative reviving traditional gathering and storytelling practices to fertilize social healing and liberation.

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