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Dream big, but don't forget to write it down.

Why does your dream feel so distant? Because it exists in ambiguity. To solve this, you must create clarity.

Big dreams are what give us life. They're often what get us out of bed in the morning. They make us do crazy, irrational things all out of hope and belief that we will find fulfillment for ourselves and those around us. If you're not dreaming big for something, I worry your spark of hope will dim as life goes on.

The problem with big dreams is they are incredibly ambiguous. The vision is generally an end-state. A result. A conclusion. But we rarely dream about the journey toward the goal. The challenging road that takes us there. The blood, sweat, and tears it takes to build something meaningful.

The scary part is that journey we are ignoring is the only path toward the dream.

So how do we solve this? I'm of the mind that you need to dream as big as you can muster. Once that feels like you can't reach it - dream even a little bigger than that. It has to be something worth chasing. It has to grab your heart and tug you forward. If it doesn't, you'll never make it down the pathway there.

This may all be obvious, and you may already do this. So why does the dream feel so distant? Because your dream lives in ambiguity. It's still squishy and cloudy and not very direct.

To solve this, you must have clarity. The simplest way to create clarity is to write down your dream in all it's detail somewhere you will see it. It feels small, and that is precisely the point. The moment you make your desire a little more direct is a moment you begin moving toward it, instead of merely dreaming it.

Once you write it down, see what the next small step is to your goal. If you keep taking the little steps there, you'll find yourself much closer than had you never tried at all.

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