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Frank Herbert on Anger

What I learned from Frank Herbert about Anger
Frank Herbert on Anger

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Idea 💡

"How often it is that the angry man rages denial of what his inner self is telling him." — Frank Herbert

Reflection 🤔

Getting to the truth of your anger is a difficult journey.

We like to blame the external. What others do to you, the circumstances you're in, and the bad luck that fell into your lap.

It can be shocking to see that all this time you thought you were angry at your parents, your boss, or the world. But what if you're angry at yourself for letting it all get to you?

Action ✅

Is you angry with something you can change? If so, change it. If not, let it go or it will eat you alive.

About the creator 👤

Frank Herbert was an American science fiction author best known for the 1965 novel Dune and its five sequels. Though he became famous for his novels, he also wrote short stories and worked as a newspaper journalist, photographer, book reviewer, ecological consultant, and lecturer.

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