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Give yourself compassion in the process

The worst thing you can do is to be unkind to yourself as you take on the challenge of creative work.

Yesterday, I wrote about giving yourself permission to enter the process. To accept that things won't be perfect, and there will be many ups and downs. But your work is worth taking the challenge. What you have to offer the world and yourself is worth it.

Now, once you have stepped into the process - you'll find pretty quickly that it's challenging to stay content in it. There will be many frustrating days. You'll look at your work and be disappointed. You'll miss a day (or many more) of working on it, and you'll feel discouraged.

This is what happens when you dive into making new things. Some days are easier than others - but the worst thing you can do is to be unkind to yourself in the process.

My therapist once told me, "would you ever talk to someone else the way you talk to yourself?" and it opened my eyes to how hard I can be toward my own journey.

I imagine you might feel that way too sometimes. Especially with something as precious as your creative expression. But I am telling you - a drill-sergeant mentality will only get you so far, and it won't be an enjoyable ride.

So with that, today - enter into your process knowing it will be dynamic. It will have ups and downs. But you're happy and ready for the process, and you'll give yourself compassion through every step of the way.

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