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How to keep creating when your energy is low

How to match your creative output and your energy levels.

This pandemic is a rollercoaster. Emotionally, spiritually and even physically.

For me personally, I'm experiencing a lot of ups and downs in all of the above. Some days, I'm feeling good, and others, I'm am feeling down and out. It's difficult to find any sort of pattern or reason why certain days are better or worse. All I know is we have never done anything like this before, and it's strange and confusing.

Our bodies and minds only have a certain amount of energy to give all the domains in our life day in and day out. Some of us have higher ceilings than others, while some of us have much lower floors.

So how do we manage all the heaviness of the season and still find time to create?

Reassess expectations

The domains being tested every day are emotional, mental, and physical. We are trying our best to cope and process the current situation, and our creative energy levels are going to be inconsistent. This is okay. Go with it, embrace it, and harness it. The best we can do right now is show up, and examine our energy levels and decide how much we can do that day.

Plan on sitting with your project, examine your energy level for it and taking the time you can give. This could mean 1 minute or 4 hours of work. Right now, you have to be flexible, depending on how you're feeling.

| Be strict on showing up and lax on how long you stay.

Make for healing, not for likes.

Instead of creating for other people to see and enjoy what we are doing, we have to do it for ourselves first. If you're creating something and the whole time thinking of how others will respond to it, you'll quit much faster, and the process will lose its magic altogether. Create for healing in this season, and not for showing off.

| Your project should be a restorative practice, not an exhausting chore.

Match your output with your energy

If you're feeling low energy, you should try matching your output to the level of your energy. Give a little. This means taking one minute to do something on your creative project. It sounds silly but will feel critical in practice. There's no shame in putting it down after 1 minute if that is all you have. You are minute closer to finishing your goal than had you not done it at all.

If you sense you have a lot to give to something, give it all.

The one thing I would say is that you should try as hard as you can to show up every day. Even if it's the smallest grain of energy you can muster, just show up. This develops the right mindset and habit when so when you do have the energy, you're spending it on the right things.

| Give whatever energy you can muster, and it'll help you stay on track and feel accomplished.