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How to start unraveling insecurity

I believe insecurity is the source of most of the world's pain. Insecurity causes wars. It causes painful words to be said. It causes necessary words to be left unsaid. It causes us to say 'no' to our true desires because we are afraid of what others might think.

Defeating insecurity in myself, and helping others overcome theirs is one of my primary goals in life. Whenever I begin to feel insecure (which is often), I try and step back, gather myself, and ask: "How is this moment asking me to stay quiet or overcompensate or change who I want to become?"

If you can step outside of the moment and be objective based on your values, you tend to not go with the crowd.

Is there an insecurity that stands out to you? Can you give yourself patience, compassion, and persistence as you try to unravel it this week?