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How to Write Better, Daily Laws, Vuhlandes, & Pep Talk Music (Find Something Cool)

How to Write Better, Daily Laws, Vuhlandes, & Pep Talk Music (Find Something Cool)
How to Write Better, Daily Laws, Vuhlandes, & Pep Talk Music (Find Something Cool)

At a glance:

  • ☁️ Thinking: The Day You Became A Better Writer
  • 📕 Reading: The Daily Laws
  • 🎧 Listening: Creative Pep Talk Original Soundtrack
  • 📹 Watching: Vuhlandes
  • ⚡️ Bonus: Ja is Saving Basketball


Last summer I got rid of my office to invest in Make Something Cool. I’ve been working from home ever since but never took the time to optimize my workspace. With the help of my wife (an interior design expert) we finally made it happen. Here’s how it looks:

It’s made a massive improvement on my productivity and mental health. The spaces we spend time in matters. A lot. I want to continue to prioritize it moving it forward.

I also released a new podcast with Joshua Ariza. We discuss his work as a designer, running a clothing brand, and having fun in your creative work. Check it out here!

Here are some cool things I found this week:

☁️ Thinking: The Day You Became A Better Writer

No less than 10 of my favorite writers have mentioned this blog post as a powerful resource to become better at the craft. It’s a skill I want to grow in, and I have been using this as a template.

Via Scott Adams

📕 Reading: The Daily Laws by Robert Greene

Robert Greene is the most popular author you’ve never heard of. He’s written polarizing best sellers on topics like Mastery, Power, and Human Nature.

His new book, The Daily Laws is a compilation of his best work broken into daily reflections. This excerpt on mastery has stuck with me since reading this week:


“When I’m asked how I define mastery or what phrase guides me in my own life or in writing a book, I say, “It’s getting to the inside.” I’m always trying to move to the inside of things.

On the outside, things look a certain way—kind of dead, because you’re just seeing the appearances. When you get to the inside, you see the heart beating, you understand it, you get the reality.

When you start learning to play chess or the piano, for instance, you’re on the outside. You just see the exterior, visual, surfaces of things. And you’re learning the rules or the basics. And it’s very slow and tedious. You don’t really have an understanding. It’s all kind of confusing, a blur.

Eventually, though, if you stick with it, you worm your way to the inside of it. And you’re feeling the thing come alive. The chessboard or the piano is no longer a physical object, it’s in you. You’ve internalized it. You no longer have to think of the keys; the keys are in your head. That is mastery...

... the masters know the thing from the inside out, not the outside in.


— Robert Greene via The Daily Laws

🎵 Listening: Creative Pep Talk original Soundtrack

You may not know that I secretly make music...

While it’s been a few years, my friend Andy and I made an album for his podcast Creative Pep Talk. The goal was simple: make a soundtrack to help inspire his listeners on their creative journey.

I haven’t looked at the numbers for close a year, so I decided to check on it yesterday. I was surprised to see it had over 100,000 plays to date! Someone has been sneaking the pep sauce...

If you want some music to work to, you can check it out here. My personal favorite is Yikes.

📹 Watching: Vuhlandes

Vuhlandes is a photographer and vlogger based in Detroit. A friend recently shared his YouTube channel with me and haven’t stopped watching. Here are some of his photos:

His videos are filled with moments of BTS cinematography, stills from the sessions, and edited together with mixed media to tell a fuller story. Watch if you enjoy nerding out on beautiful photo / video work.

Here’s a recent one that I enjoyed | I am a FAILURE. So are you.

⚡️ Bonus: Ja is Saving Basketball

I’m a Lakers fan and we suck really bad this season. It’s been painful.

The only fun part about the NBA has been Ja Morant doing insane stuff every night. Here are some ridiculous highlights from his 52 piece this week against the Spurs.

That’s all I have to share this week! Take some time to disconnect and make something cool this weekend.

See you on Monday with a new podcast.