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Look After Yourself

Yesterday, I wrote about practicing generosity. Today, I want you to take what you did yesterday and apply it to yourself.

What I mean is, when we are always thinking about ourselves, we sometimes are thinking the wrong way or about the wrong things.

Personally, my obsession is work. I think about work and work ideas non-stop, and I get a lot of my self-esteem from how I perform in my projects.

Obsessively thinking this way is an extremely unhealthy cycle. I've learned this the hard way many times. Life is more than work. It's your health, relationships, experiences, and your work.

If you find yourself avoiding any or all of these things, you need some self generosity. Maybe for you, it's easy to ignore your health, so today, try taking a walk outside. Perhaps you've been avoiding that work project that would make you really happy to try, so you should take an hour off from youtube or tv and work on it.

This is about self-generosity. So whatever you need is a guilt-free practice. Do what you need to do to remind yourself that life is a balance today.