Productive days start with Make Daily.

Productive days start with Make Daily.

Make Daily is a free (~1 minute to read) email that helps you take action and make something cool every day. Try it here๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

What comes in the email?

Every morning a short email is sent to readers all over the world. Each message contains a simple three step exercise to get you focused and take action in under one minute.

It goes like this:

"Ideas without action aren't ideas. They're regrets." - Steve Jobs

"Why can't I get anything done?"

This was the question I asked myself a few months ago. No matter how "busy" I felt, it never seemed to turn into any sort of meaningful result.

I realized this "busyness" wasn't busy at all. It was over-thinking. This is a nice trick we play on ourselves to make it seem like we are doing something when we are really just procrastinating.

I realized that my focus would begin to spiral first thing in the morning after checking my email.

Distracting news, sales, scams, and other people wanting me to focus on their stuff got my day started in the wrong direction. My attention was scrambled, and before I knew it, I would lose sight of my own creative work in the black hole of procrastination.

It got me thinking... What if there was an email that actually helped me get more done? A short message that pushed me to stay on-track instead of pulling me off?

This is why I started Make Daily. To give creators a useful email that helps them focus on their creative work and turn that procrastination into productivity.

So if you're a creator who wants to be more productive, more inspired, and more focused, give it a try and sign up for Make Daily below.

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