It's Time To Make Something Cool.

It's Time To Make Something Cool.

Make Something Cool is a podcast where I interview elite creators about their pathway to success and extract the tactics and resources they used to get there.

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Building habits, focusing on quality, and life before (and after) selling 5 Million books w/ James Clear (#084) ✅

How this indie creator built a $1M brand in 18 months w/ Jack Butcher of Visualize Value (#082) ⚫️

Elite Craftsmanship, Competing on Top-Chef, and the Secret Skill Every Creative Needs w/ Chef Eric Adjepong (#079) 🍳

How To Tell Compelling Stories With Your Creative Work w/ Brian McDonald of Belief Agency (#086) 📇

Go inside the most successful people & companies in the world w/ Polina Pompliano of The Profile (#085) 👤

How This Founder Reached 1 Billion People With a Side Project w/ Mikael Cho, CEO of Unsplash (#070) 📸

A simple system to increase your productivity, save more time, and make content that connects w/ Steph Smith (#083) 🗓

The Comfort Crisis w/ Best Selling Author Michael Easter (#078) 🏔

Content Creation and Bringing Positive Energy Into Your Work w/ Jeremy Cohen (#081) 🤳🏼

Finding Your Superpower In Unexpected Places w/ Andy J. Pizza (#074) ⚡️

How To Build A Brand That People Love w/ Emily Heyward, Co-founder Red Antler (#069) 📈

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About Me

Hi, I'm Alex. I have been working in the podcasting and audio storytelling industry for the past 9 years. I got my start in podcasting by launching an independent studio where I edited, produced, and distributed podcasts for brands and hosts across the world.

This work led to my recruitment as Head of Podcasts at Yahoo Finance / Verizon Media. After years of success and building the network up to millions of annual listeners, I decided to leave it all to pursue my real passion: helping creators thrive.

This is why I started this podcast. To help creators see what is possible in life, and give a helpful resource to take action on it.

Outside of Work

When I'm not working, you can usually find me walking around the East Village with my Wife and Simba.

When I am not doing that I love to read, lift weights, and watch the Lakers dominate.

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