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Practice Generosity

Generosity is a topic I don't see or hear much about these days. To be honest, I think that we are all living in a default 'survival mode'.

And if you live in 'survivor-mode' all the time, you won't be very good at giving to others.

But I believe we miss something meaningful when we focus too much on ourselves. We are made for connection with others, so we shouldn't get so caught up in ourselves that we miss what is happening with those around us.

So today, if you've been really focused on yourself (as I have been), how can you take a moment to give to someone else? This can be in your time, money, or energy. Whatever you think is the right way.

Remember, there can be no strings attached to your giving. You get nothing from what you give except the satisfaction of exchanging dignity, humanity, and love to a fellow human. Which, we all know, can be one of the greatest gifts you could possibly receive.