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Something cool is coming 👀 In the meantime, catch up on recent episodes!

Hey makers,

My producer Josh and I have been cooking up something cool for the podcast…

As creative work tends to go, it’s taking more time than expected (you know how it goes). It's really coming together, and I am STOKED to launch in the coming weeks...

Episode #100 is dropping soon with all the details 👀

In the meantime, I thought it would be good to give a refresher on some of the top episodes we’ve had over the past year. If you’re looking for inspiring conversations about the creative life, this is a great place to start:

Storytelling, Judging Your Past Work, and Finding Your Creative Voice w/ Ryan Booth (#089)

Why You're Not Owed Anything And How To Find Your Authentic Voice w/ Vuhlandes (#097)

How To Build A Brand Identity That Matters w/ Mike Smith (#098)

A simple system to increase your productivity, save more time, and make content that connects w/ Steph Smith (#083)

How To Tell Compelling Stories With Your Creative Work w/ Brian McDonald of Belief Agency (#086)

How this indie creator built a $1M brand in 18 months w/ Jack Butcher of Visualize Value (#082)

Polina Pompliano of The Profile takes us inside the most successful people & companies in the world (#085)

How This Designer Makes Over $1M Per Year... By Accident w/ Brett of DesignJoy (#093)

Medicine or Poison: How to use storytelling for good w/ Jesse Bryan of Belief Agency (#094)

James Clear on building habits, focusing on quality, and life before (and after) selling 5 Million books (#084)

Happy listening! See you in the coming weeks.

— Alex