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Sustainable by design

One of the most underrated parts of any project or goal is building a sustainable pathway toward it. It's easy to get really excited and try to do everything at once and use all of this energy you have right now on it, and then... you end up getting tired or bored and burning out.

When I've worked with clients on podcasts, a lot of them say something like, "We want it to sound like The Daily or This American Life. How do we do that?"

They can sure try to do that. But it won't be sustainable. Why? Each of those shows has between 30-45 full-time participants and are little documentaries. It's like signing up to cook a 5-course dinner every night at home for the rest of your life. Eventually, you'll throw up your hands and say, "We are ordering pizza."

Here are better questions to ask when you're working on a project "What will this feel like when it isn't new anymore?" and "Will this still be sustainable on my 50th time doing it?"

If you're honest, you'll probably want to scale it back a bit. What practice do you want to make more sustainable moving forward?