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The 3 components of a fulfilling and successful project

Every fulfilling and successful project has 3 elements holding it together.

The foundation of any fulfilling and successful project revolves around three things. When you're thinking of starting a project or refining an existing one, try using this framework to get clarity.


We all have things that come naturally to us. A decorator looks at a blank space and knows how to fill it. A musician hears a song and knows the chords by ear. We all have unique gifts, and it's vital we identify and use them.

Your gifts are your biggest competitive advantage because they are simple for you and difficult for others. This means you always start ahead. Also, it's rare that we dislike our gifts - because when we are better than others at something, it tends to be pretty fun.

| What are you uniquely gifted at?


Taste and inspiration shape our creative voice. I am a die-hard Laker fan. I grew up with life-size posters of Kobe Bryant on my wall. You better believe that my inspiration from watching Kobe on the court inspires me in my work to this day. My wife is interested in language and travel, and that inspires her creative projects. Some people are inspired by design, or food, or the royal family.

| What could you talk about for hours without getting bored?


So you have your gift and your interests. Now, where is the best place to share it? The last, and arguably most important piece of the puzzle is finding the right mediums to share your work. For a graphic designer or photographer, this could mean going all-in on Instagram. For a coffee roaster, this could be opening a cafe.

| Where is your voice going to connect with the right people in the right moments?


Let's say my Mom wants to start a project, the first thing she would identify is a gift that she has.

She's an incredible chef. I know everyone thinks their Mom is good at cooking - but my Mom is really better at cooking than your Mom. This comes natural to her and she enjoys doing it.

Mom's gift = cooking

Next will be her interests. What is my Mom interested in? She loves Italian culture and has paintings of Italy all over her house. She has said she was Italian in a past life. She loves Italy.

Mom's interest = Italian stuff

And finally, what is the best medium for her to share her project? Most people might think something on the internet. That may be true for you - but my Mom doesn't care about the internet. However, there is a fantastic farmers market nearby where she would feel right at home.

Mom's medium = Sell at the farmers market

Once she's answered those three questions, the project becomes apparent. Mom would love a project where she cooks something Italian that will be sold at a farmers market.

Now is when the fun begins - she gets to be creative within the triangle. Penne or Linguine? Vodka or Alfredo? Garlic bread or Olive bread? All of the above, please!

No more worries about how or where it'll happen. It's already been decided. Now, Mom can focus on the fun part with a clear idea of how to execute it.

What does the triangle look like for you?

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