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There is opportunity in distance

What do you think the world is asking you to become on the other side of this pandemic?

In this season of pandemic and social distancing, there are a lot of complicated feelings that come with it.

The world is messy, and many people are suffering. So it's natural to feel some guilt or privilege when you want to use this time to work on your creative project. It feels very indulgent to take pleasure in things while so many others are hurting.

What if we saw this newfound distance as an opportunity to go to a deeper level of our creative work? What if we leaned into the moment, instead of trying to escape it? What if you did work for those who are suffering as an act of beauty and solidarity with them?

This doesn't solve the more significant problems by any means, but it gives a new purpose and meaning to what you make at this moment. When this is all said and done, we will all be different. You will be changed from this pandemic, and so will I. So what if you look ahead and see who you want to become on the other side? How can you begin to channel that bigger purpose into your work today?

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