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Maria Popova on Blame

What I learned from Maria Popova on Blame

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Idea 💡

“We are always harshest upon those foibles we see in others that we know bedevil our own natures - the ones that most gravely misbecome our self image - for blame is always easier than shame.” ― Maria Popova

Reflection 🤔

We often hate the traits we see in others that scare us about ourselves. It's easier to bury our insecurities with blaming another, instead of confronting the shortcomings we see in the mirror.

Action ✅

Where have you misplaced self responsibility by blaming others? Reverse that today.

About the creator 👤


Maria Popova is a Bulgarian-born, American-based essayist, book author, poet, and writer of literary and arts commentary and cultural criticism that has found wide appeal both for her writing and for the visual stylistics that accompany it.

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