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Using a bad situation for good

If you're in a bad situation at work or in life, it can be tough to see or notice anything else.

Maybe you're unhappy at your job, or battling illness, or even managing life in this pandemic. How can we see anything else when facing these scenarios?

As suffering goes, there are times in life that we neither can't run nor hide from it. If we try to escape something we have no control over, we are fighting the wrong battle.

I believe one of the best things we can practice in tough times is examination.

An examination is more than just feelings. It's note-taking, future planning, and problem-solving. If you can't change something right now, decide how this feeling will change you in the future.

I am examining a lot right now. I also have days where I avoid examination altogether because it's difficult work. It's okay to have hard days. I just don't want to leave a bad situation unchanged, so how can I take my current experience and translate it into future self-development?