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Welcome to Make Something Cool! 🛠 (#080)

Welcome to Make Something Cool! 🛠 (#080)

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  • The first new interview comes out this Monday (9-27)
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Have you ever taken a wrong turn without knowing it?

You're rolling down a dark and winding road and something starts to feel off...

You don't see any signs that you're headed in the right direction... and you get to thinking "did I turn the wrong way!?"

Yep. You sure did. Here's where the frustration begins to sink in. The cost in time and energy for yourself and the others in the car with you starts to bubble up, and it's all your fault.

There is only one option at this point; turn around and go find your way again.

I spent the first half of this year driving down the wrong road.

In my previous podcast, I set out to have challenging conversations. The goal was to bring new opinions to the surface around touchy topics. To magnify how our polarized, algorithmic, biased worldviews are harming us and the world around us.

It took 20+ episodes to realize that I was unqualified for that job. It was draining, I wasn't good at it, and it put a negative filter on everything I did.

There are plenty of qualified people having more qualified conversations than I ever could in this format. It was time to admit that to myself, and make the U-turn.

So it begged the question... What am I qualified for? It turns out, it's been in front of me for the past 15+ years of my life.

Anyone close to me knows I can't get through an entire conversation with someone without discussing their hopes and dreams for the future. I'm obsessed with nudging people toward their fullest version of life. Specifically, people who are making new things and putting them into the world to make it a better place.

I love helping creators.

It became clear what my mission should be, and it's actually really simple. I want to help myself and fellow creators thrive. This is the road I need to be traveling.

So with that, I'm excited to bring you Make Something Cool. A podcast where I interview elite creators about their pathway to success and extract the tactics and resources they used to get there.

Listen to Make Something Cool on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

It took some time, exploration, and iteration to rediscover which direction to go. At my core, the most valuable and exciting thing I can offer is something to help nudge myself and others toward becoming the person they dream to become.

Make Something Cool is my opportunity to embody that idea. My (small but mighty) team and I are committed to showing up week after week to make an awesome resource for creators to get inspired and continue to make cool things.

Some details

The response in our booking process has been absolutely incredible. We already have interviews for the show booked into 2022(!).

The first new episode drops this Monday and new interviews will be released bi-weekly with some extra conversations thrown in here and there. Our top priority is to maintain consistency and quality, but over time we plan to make this a weekly podcast.

So that's the news! Thanks for going on this journey with me. I am incredibly excited about where we are headed next, and can't wait to bring you these episodes!

Now let's go make something cool.