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Why canceled plans feel good

I love it when plans get canceled. Don't you?

Why is that? Maybe it's because you suddenly earn back the time. Perhaps it's that mental load of leaving the house, having conversations, and needing to engage with others that saves you all of that energy. Maybe it's as simple as getting an unexpected break from an expectation.

Whatever friction comes with stepping outside and connecting with others suddenly disappears.

But what would happen if all your plans got canceled? That is not as fun, right? Because we make memories through our plans and adventures.

Our society is making it more justifiable to cancel all the plans all the time. (and for a lot of good reasons, like a global pandemic)

But I want to pose a question to myself and to you. How can I keep creating adventure* for myself and my loved ones? How can I push back on a frictionless lifestyle for the sake of creating a deeper connection with myself and those I care about?

This will undoubtedly show itself in your work and life in positive ways.

*Socially distant adventures, obviously.