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Why you should experiment with your projects

Experimenting with your projects is an essential part of doing good work.

The truth is when you try new things, the people who are following (or in my case, listening) to your work will not always like the changes. It feels like you're flip-flopping on your commitment to bringing them a certain kind of content. They think this because... you are doing precisely this! You're totally changing the promise of what they signed up to get from you.

As a creator, you must acknowledge this and take it into account before just changing things all the time. Try your best to honor your audience in letting them know what is going on and what they can expect moving forward from you.

What your audience won't always see is the sustainability of your project behind the scenes. And they shouldn't ever be able to feel that (unless that story is part of your brand).

This then becomes a leadership problem. Do you keep driving your car in the wrong direction when you've learned you took a wrong turn? Or do you turn around and start fresh?
You "lose" either way, but one still gets you to your destination, while the other leads to your entire project dying over time.

So today, think about how you may need to start experimenting with your work to make it more sustainable. Do this while still honoring your commitment to your audience.