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Work Vs. Play

What feels like play to you and work for others? What feels like work to you and play to others?

These are essential questions to ask when you're starting a new project. When something feels like play for us, we are more likely to succeed in achieving it. And this inverse is also true; if it feels like work - you will eventually get burnt out by it.

I think a great metaphor is exercise. Bill might assume that going for a run is the best way to get fit. His brother runs a lot and stays pretty fit, so it makes sense that he should run too.

The problem is that Bill hates running. It's a grind every time to get ready and go. It feels like work.

But, if you drop Bill in the weight room and they learn strength training, he may fall in love with this type of fitness. It might feel like play instead of work.

We can tell ourselves elaborate stories in this area too. You can try to say to yourself you love running for a very long time when in reality, it feels like work and always will to you.

This process takes a lot of honesty.

So over the weekend, I think you should reflect on what truly feels like work versus play, and start taking steps toward making the changes you need to play more in your life and projects.