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You're in control (of something)

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” — VIKTOR FRANKL

Right now, we are living in a pandemic. The Coronavirus has wreaked chaos all over the world, and it has caused daily life to come to a complete halt for most of us. We are stuck inside. We are isolated. We feel left out of everything, and most notably, we feel left out of control.

But this isn't entirely true. We can't change the way things are right now, and we must take orders and stay inside. But we do have control over one thing. How we respond to this moment.

We have control of our response. We can choose how we live out these days. We can choose how we want to spend this time in our homes. We can choose who we want to be after this pandemic has passed.

So today, recognize the things you do have control of. How can this shift your perspective and your habits during this strange season to grow?

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