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You're Paying An Expensive Price

I am currently undergoing some shifts in how I plan my work and projects.

Usually, I am really good at this, but lately, it's been tough to stay on top of it all. It's easy to let things slide and tell myself that I'll 'get to it' soon. I keep waiting for the ideal environment to fall in my lap instead of forging it myself.

Here is what scares me. All this time I have spent without creating a clear plan for myself has, in fact, been spent.

That time is now gone. I'm never getting it back.

It is a sobering thought when you consider all the time we spend on our phones or working jobs we hate or waiting until the time is right to start our projects.

The clock is always ticking, so waiting costs a premium.

And it's not cheap.

So today, where can you make a clear plan of action? How can you avoid losing any more precious time without good reason? How can you take action and build those ideal environments you've been waiting for?